One of the things that can destroy an army, and give you a serious loss or tabling is when someone Seizes the inititive on you. You might think that this doesnt happen that often, but in truth, it happens enough that you had better figure out what you can do to survive it.

First lets look at what advantages it gives your opponent against you. It allows your opponents the best of two worlds, responding to your set up, and still going first. If you set up in the open to advance quickly or take advantage of going first, this can hurt you the worst. Second, is that even though your are caught with your pants down, his reserves will also be coming in much faster. This often means that you get hit hard round one. By the time you are able to respond, reserves are coming in hard. Its like getting punched in the gonads, leaving you curled over holding yourself so that your opponent get can take a good shot at punching you in the face. ( I think that explains the feeling of being seized pretty well.)

The next thing to consider is what type of armies can really take advantage of seizing the inititive. Armies that use drop pods are some of the worst to be seized by on the recieving end. The second would be alpha strike lists. Alpha strike lists should leave their opponent reeling if they sieze. The same goes for drop pod assault armies. These are the two army types that mostly concern me, if I am seized against. It also goes to reason, that if you have an army like this, seizing can be an occasional "I should win this one".

How do we deal with being seized upon. This is the big issue. One thing for sure is that your deployment should always take into consideration the fact that you might be seized upon. Deployment is key here. This could also take into consideration going second if you win the toss, or going all reserve against some army types.

What it comes down to is.... Always think that your opponent will seize against you if you decide to go first. Deploy knowing this, and then you wont be suprised so badly when it happens. That doesnt mean dont try and take advantage of going first, but that being prepared for the worst is better than just hoping it will never happen.

In fact, I have been seized upon more times that I care to count. I do count though, and I had a run of 4 out of 6 games I was seized on. It doesnt mean I lost those games, in fact I won every one of them. Mostly by deployment and the durability of the armies I play. Getting hit though by drop pod armies on seizes seem to be the worst for me personally.

Seize the inititve is not an auto win or loss. Give your army deployment and list some consideration on what would happen if you get seized, and you will have a better chance to survive it, and even win against it.
Side note..... Last two games played. I seized on my opponent, and was seized upon the next game. When I seized I was really able to take advantage of it, and when I was seized on, it took a couple turns, but was able to pull off a victory. So definetly do not count seize out, as it does occur more than you think, and always be prepared for it, or it will hurt.

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