Like wow. Everything I was trying to do with banewolves in my guard army, I can do better with blood angels. Here it is.

Imperial guard take Creed as their commander and give a single unit scout. Well, nothing better than a ap3 flamer that always wounds on a 2+. What this does is puts a flamer vehicle right up in the opponents face that has to be dealt with. No one likes getting hit with an 8" flamer template, that takes away all your power armor saves, and you get no cover. Before round 1, scout move 18" across the board, and place yourself 12.1" away from the enemy or their transport. Then simply during your first turn, if you go first, drive up 12 inches to 1" away from the transport, or unit you want to vaporize and flame away.

Blood angels. I dont have to get Creed. Saves alot of points, since Baal Predators come with scout! Use them the same way except oh yea...... armor 13 in front! Yes I know this means shoot me from the side please becuase i have armor 11 sides, but who cares. for a whooping 115 points you get this vehicle with a flamestorm cannon, str6 ap3. 130 points for a banewolf without scout. Im taking the Baal Predator at getting that extra power weapon into my assault squad. So expect to see the Baal Predators that are on order for me finished up and posted up very soon. I dont think I will be able to leave home without them. So much in fact that I havent read the other fast attack options blood angels have.

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