Apparently we have the rule set. Its more than quite obvious that they just cut and pasted last years rules into this years. (note the wrong dates listed in there). Which is all fine and dandy. Who really cares. What does bug me though, is that adepticon was not addressed. Last years finals in Chicago used them, and it was not mentioned whether or not they were going to be use this year throughout the tournament. No matter your take on adepticon, it would still be nice to know one way or the other. Since it was not mentioned, I am going to assume that adepticon is not to be used in the prelimary round.

My advice, call the store you plan on playing at, and make sure you know if they are using these rules. It does matter.

It looks like one week ahead of the tourny we are looking at receiving the mission lists. That should mean that approx. May 8th we should see something.

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