Something I have noticed over and over, is that most people play sternguard one of two ways. Either in the drop pod, loaded with combi-meltas with 5 or 10 veterans, or the less popular but still effective 5 man squad with two heavy weapons.

Now the problems. Drop pod them in, they are a "I hit you, and now I die unit". While on paper they look great, the problem really is the die issue. If there is no land raider or high value target that you can get in close to, you end up wasting the value of these units. The problem is this unit really isnt normally reliable enough to do something effective. So I do tend towards the second listed layout of these marines. Two lascannons for 15pts apiece is a nice choice.

Considering this, there is another option for this unit. One that maximizes their use. 10 veterans, 5 with combi-meltas ( for a unit that will probably just die most of the time and keeps the ammo optons flexible), 2 with lascannons, and then give the unit a drop pod for the combi meltas. This maximizes flexiblity, adds in long range firepower, with a short range punch that you will be sacrificing anyhow. I would also suggest a powerfist on the sergeant. This will give you some extra punch just encase you survive what will be counter punching you.

If anyone here reads this and uses this build for sternguard, or has other opinions on how to use this squad more efficiently, I would love to hear your comments.

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