Blood Angels have a couple unique and interesting options when it comes down to what to field. Super cheap devastators, scout moving Baals predators with flamestorms, Assault squads, and my favorite possible hammer unit- Blood Angel Assault Terminators.

Now I normally don't play games under 2000 pts, so we will be ignoring the huge cost of these in skirmish games. What we have is a hugely expensive squad that can be made out of these. For the sake of argument, I will be talking about a 10 man squad. 10 assault terminators, 8 with thunderhammer and stormshield, 2 with lightning claws. This is 440 points. Add in a single Sanguinary Priest in Terminator Armor for another 85 points. Now we have assault terminators with Furious Charge and Feel no pain. Now we add in a Reclusiarch, so that all these terminators can re-roll failed to hit rolls when they assault.

Yea, I know its 685 points. How cool is it though to field the toughest and most elite unit the Imperium can field. This is not a matter of opinion, after all just look at it. 15 power weapon attacks at int 6 and 5, all at str 5 (8 of which will get re-rolls to wound). Did I mention re-rolls to hit?. Yes I did. Now at init 1 we get 24 re-roll to hits with thunderhammers.

Now the defense. Do I even need to write it out. Probably........... Terminator armor of 2+, 8 of which have a 3+ invul, and then the best part. The way to get rid of assault termies has been to just rapid fire the crap out of em. Now we get feel no pain. Just say wow, and move on cause I ain't even done yet. Throw in Astorath the Grim, and there is a good chance this unit is also feerless. Before the game roll a 1,2, or 3, and bam.... fearless with furious charge.

Now on using these expensive units, I am not going to help with. Do I plan on fielding this..... Yes. There are lots of good flexible ways to field a unit like this nowadays in 5th ed. If you need a Hammer unit, there really isn't much better out there. The purpose here is to field what you like, and design an army around those.

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