Put them away folks. We really have the first now unplayable group in 5th edition. What GW has said... No allies, no inducted units, no more spending money on the codex, no more reasons to buy the models (Daemonhunters). It looks to me like this would mean they are done with grey knights, permanently. I hope not. I also hope there is something that once again allows people to use allies. Assassins, inquisitors, we all love them. For now though, put them away and dont for the emperors sake, buy anymore models. Its a dead army.

Well, no more allies for either really. These are very very poor pdf's. Cut and pasted that will take gw some time to do yet another set of faq's for, becuase it brings up a whole set of problems. I guess people thought through obvious not playtesting (the loud minority) that allies were over-powered. Its pretty damn funny that people think its changed anything for IG. If anything 200 freed up points and simple bubblewrapping fixes all the problems.

It wasnt mystics that was overpowerful, nor divine pronouncement, it was the tablewide psychic hoods. Other than that...I have used allies to their most for well over a year, and let me tell ya, mystics did hardly squat in 98% of all games. What did mystics stop? sternguard melta that will blow up a chimera? Grow a brain, the chimera was smoked, and you didnt blow it up anyways, since you were bubblewrapped outside of 6" double die melta range. It takes an idiot to think these were overpowerful. Mostly it was annoyance, and took up an elite slot. What it did work well against, was either poor players with bad armies, or decent or good players with bad armies. A good player with a good list, didnt give a flying hoot.

What did these pdf's really do. Kill the inquisition, and stop people from buying models.

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