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What's On Your Table: Kitbashing Sanguinary Priests

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I love kitbashing Sanguinary Priests, as they are quite distinct and there's only one official model for a 'class' that would see representation in every company of the Blood Angels. So I wanted to have a variety for different types of deployment I might send into battle, such as Veterans and jump-pack options. 

Leading them is Corbulo of course, each of the priests bearing their own Blood Chalice and the crimson robes of the priesthood (courtesy of the DA veterans kit). This will also be my last non-Contrast white-armour project - too frustrating; but ultimately I'm happy with the results.


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  1. Really cool! Must be hell to keep those cups upright during combat though.

    (Also - if I might make an unsolicited suggestion: consider spray-basing (ideally with an airbrush) with the white. Far easier to get a nice even coat. It's hell to try to cover other colours with it, in my experience, and that tends to lead to lumps and buildup.)

    1. I think they cover the cups with cling-wrap when they're going into combat!

      Thanks for the tip too. I haven't used an airbrush before but it is something I'm keen to try. I spray-based them with Tamiya white surface primer, wash with agrax, then dry brushed with ceramite white. Tidied with palid wych flesh, then white scar for highlights.

      I've got a bunch of HH White Scars I've already primed with the Tamiya, but I'm going to use contrast Apothecary White, see how that goes. At least it'll reduce the number of steps and hopefully result in a smoother finish.

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