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Once its Gone its Gone: Idomintus Boxset Coming Next Week w/Prices

This is a big box set with great savings in it as an introduction into the new edition of 40k. There is a lot of cool miniatures in there but be warned I have a feeling we will not see these for very long. They are limited in number and therefore will only be here for a short bit. (cant imagine these not selling out quickly.)

What are the numbers that will be available? Thats the hard part. I don't yet know.

What's going to be available this week?

Here are the prices

Indomitus Box Set

 The Core Book

 The Limited Edition Core Book

Open War Cards

Chapter Approved

Crusade Journal

Battlezone: Manufactorum – Battlefield
Gaming Accessories

Your Phalanx Made Easy

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  1. I wonder what is going to be cut from the regulat starter set. If I knew which models it will have then Id probably just wait for that to come out and hope that its a good bit cheaper

    1. Isn't this the regular starter set? I thought each edition basically had just one, especially on a per-faction basis.

    2. This is a limited set. GW has also said this is not a start set, as it doesn't include dice.

      This more or less guarantees there will be another start set very soon.

    3. I have a theory that the Captain , lieutenant , Overlord and Royal Warden minium will be exclusive ,timed or otherwise to the box set.
      I would have said half the warriors and assault Intercessors, but with the price supposed to be £125 UK , just the Heroes going seems fair.

  2. I'm curious if this will be just as limited as that Hobbit starter set you could still get years later...

  3. Forget that, limited releases are so crappy. I really wanted the Sisters of Battle one, but noooooo. They had to put really cool models in that one and never release them elsewhere. The only thing a limited release does is make scalpers happy.