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What's On Your Table: Gargant Mob

It's a Great Time to share your work and submit to the What's On Your Table series. The queue is short again and submissions are only day or so out from being posted.

To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to

This is a first of a series of Corona projects I’ve done since March.

Assembling and painting up an entire Legio for Adeptus Titanicus/Epic last year I really wanted to create a Gargant mob as they seem kinda suitable to use similar weapon profiles and the like. Hence I took on the quest of buying bits and pieces and old OOP models from shops and around the web. The army was completely built and magnetised by the middle of 2019. The models are all equivalent height/dimensions of the official models so theoretically tournament ready. Due to a lack of free time I did not manage to get anything painted though. 

Since March though I figured painting an army a month would be an enjoyable way to spent some quality isolation time. Hence the highly desaturates colour scheme of my interpretation of some Death Skullz Gargants. Enjoy.

Some of my old projects till 2017 can be found on also if anyone wants some more input on parts, feel free to contact me via my blog


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  1. Really a Top Notch paint job and conversion idea! Reminds me of the Imperial Armour Master Class style from Forgeworld.

    I've spent the last year making 3000pts of Orks. My next project will probably be a 28mm Mega Gargant. What would you change about it going from 6mm to 28mm, if you were to do it?

    Once again, great Mob!!! Very impressive.

    1. ^ use a mix of GW kit, plasticard and a whole lot of gubbinz (stuff you'd find in Bunnings or any similar hardware store) to make a mega gargant just follow the design ques from the epic scaled ones. also it'll sound obvious but making templates for each part like feet, arms, weapons and the like will keep it in "orky" proportions. unless you plan on using it at official GW store (unlikely) then try to keep the non GW bits to a minimum. otherwise you cannot make it 1. too big. or 2. out of the style most people go for orks. gargants are really a thing you can make your own..

      also is obvious but the above epic stuff isn't mine. but i have made several gargants, a couple of gorkamorka nauts, and a good deal of ork stuff with plasticard and plumbing piping supplies. best easiest way is make a frame from piping, then "flesh" it out with "orky" details. also with orks you can't go too neat, but at the same time don't have to worry about it looking ramshackle either. make it your own.

      but do share if/when you get round to it.

    2. Hey cool, i love Bunnings. Link us to some of your Gargant pics too if you're happy with them.

      It will be made using Metals and ABS/ PVC (technically recycled e-waste) with adornments of GW kits in just the right places to sell the idea.

      Funnily enough its use is as storage/ transport for the Army. Serious.

    3. Thanks guys, much appreciated. If you've got any questions on how I built them, just let me know.