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What's On Your Table: Battlefleet Gothic: Chaos Fleet

It's a Great Time to share your work and submit to the What's On Your Table series. The queue is short again and submissions are only day or so out from being posted.

To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to

Finally, here is my June project: a Battlefleet Gothic Chaos fleet.
Having sold my collection after GW discontinued the product range, I did regret that decision last year.

After prices for second hand models going down ever so slightly do to a massive spike of Corona related clear out sales I guess, I managed to et together a full fleet for a reasonable price.

After some paint stripping and assembling, I went - again - for a desaturates blue, Alpha Legion inspired colour scheme.

To make the ships pop on the table I put some extra effort into creating nice space themed bases with proper depth, using multiple layers of “clouds”, colour filters, stars speckled via brush and colour fogs.

Have you painted any BfG recently? 

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  1. Lovely fleet.

    Funny that the prices for BFG went down, because in WHFB its done nothing but go up during Covid-19. Generally at least 20% but some stuff is almost 100% more at the moment.

    I hope that it is just a temporary madness.

    1. It's not all the prices. The usual "sellers" keep them ridiculously high. But there are plenty of community members selling to reasonable prices at or below new value from 2012.

  2. This is awesome! Do you have an Imperial fleet by chance?

    1. Got one unpainted, but that's supposed to be sold on to a friend who also sold his collection back in the days and regretted it recently.

      Gonna paint some Crons and Space Marines tho.