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What's On Your Table: Arch Magos Dominus Conversion

It's a Great Time to share your work and submit to the What's On Your Table series. The queue is short again and submissions are only day or so out from being posted.

To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to

Thought your readers might be interested in my arch magos dominus conversion. 

Inspired by a conversion I came across online of anacharis scoria I decided to be a lot less conservative while making him.

His parts include pieces from 

Belisarus cawl 
Necron canoptek spider
Magos dominus
Myrmidom destructor
Thanator siege engine 
Archmagos draykavac
Green stuff
Unknown pieces from my bitz box
Katapharon destroyer 

I'll let your readers figure out where each bit is located.


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  1. Can really say anything more than it looks amazing!

  2. Seems like a Heretek to me... looks amazing!