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What's On Your Table: 6,500pt Ultramarine Army

It's a Great Time to share your work and submit to the What's On Your Table series. The queue is short again and submissions are only day or so out from being posted.

To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to

I am Carlos, when the new primaris were released I started collecting and painting this 6,500 points ultramarines army, to fight against xenos and heretics 

 Please find attached some pictures, I Hope to see them soon on your web :)


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  1. That's a lot of plasma­čś«

    Great work, I wished I had your dedication for painting miniatures.

  2. A great work too, but I also need to create more Videos

  3. Superb, I love seeing really big armies in group shots, I now it takes dedication, my Relictors continue to grow... not sure on points though, a few/several thousand... might be over 40,000...

  4. looks like a great army to use. the painting is on point. my only issue and it's not hobby that force looks a bit small to be 6,500 points but i haven't used space marines in a while. my ultra's don't use any vehicles but dreadnoughts, and the occasional flyer here or there.