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Necromunda Death Maidens

Now these are excellent looking miniatures! I love the veil, but I wonder if I can actually paint it. Hmmmm. An Escher gang is in my future.

via Forgeworld on WarCom

Back From the Dead

The first things to look out for are the Death-maidens. These are the terror weapons of the Escher gangs. They’re spreading rumours that they’ve been raised from the dead to seek vengeance in the name of the House of Blades. Them Eschers are so good with chemicals that it just might be true. Make sure that you get a good look at the sketch from our imagist, based on eyewitness descriptions.
These Death-maidens are Champions in Escher gangs, and they’re even better with Toxins than the rest of the gang. And the rest of their gang are already underhive experts! 
They’re also armed with a weapon that’s new to this precinct – the venom claw. These are going to be painful if you get too close. Pick them off with your sniper rifles where you can.
Finally, we’ve just received a new pict capture of some Death-maidens. Take a good look, you’ll be seeing a lot of ’em about soon. Remember, you can always call in the Subjugators if you need some extra support. 

Bounty Hunter and House Agents

As if that weren’t bad enough, we’re also hearing rumours from the domes about Necrana. Scuttlebutt says that she’s the oldest Death-maiden out there, and even the Eschers don’t know how old she is. Don’t let her age fool you though, that just means that she’s got more killin’ experience. Pass this pict around and make sure everyone gets a good look.
She’s been stalking the underhive for a long while, and she’s built up a reputation that she can’t be killed. Now, we Enforcers don’t believe in such superstitious nonsense. Hit anyone with enough shots from a bolter and they’ll stay down.
So, who’s going to become the precinct legend and take her out? She’s a House Agent, so we might not see much of her – she’s very choosy about which gangs she works with these days.
Betti Banshee, on the other hand, will work for any Escher gang that can afford her. This Bounty Hunter lost her throat and most of her lower jaw to a ’zerker. Needless to say, that didn’t end well for the ’zerker. Since then, this former gang queen has gone solo. We got this image from an underhive spy servitor.
As well as twin power blades, she has a weird mess of vox-outputs, which can emit one hell of a screech. 
Best thing to do is try to keep your distance from this one. At least she only works with Escher gangs, so that should make our job a little easier.

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  1. Is this game really played much? It never really took off im my local group, and while i think it was great that they brought back the original 6 gangs, I dont know if theres a lot of demand for these sort of releases. Thoughts?

    1. It has a dedicated night at one of my flgs and they use all 12 half tables in the store, and you have to wait around to get a game. They have a huge community running a massive campaign. It's more of a basement game than flgs game though since it's ideally played in connecting scenarios throughout a campaign. Pick up games are rare to non-existent in my experience.

  2. I know I'm overthinking it but shouldn't they be called 'death brides' or 'death widows' instead due to the veil?