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Harlequins in 9th Edition

Its time to look at the Harlequins in the new edition of 40k.

via WarCom

Matt: In the new edition, Harlequins gain a huge amount of independence from their fellow Aeldari Factions – they can work both as an allied force and as a fully functioning army on their own. Every unit in the book has high mobility and will be able to take advantage of the smaller minimum board sizes in the new edition, as well as the updated terrain rules. Skyweavers with their haywire cannons (these are now Blast weapons) will not only continue to be amazing at dealing with enemy vehicles but will also perform fantastically at clearing large screening units.

Playing Harlequins in the new edition is going to be even more of a treat. You’ll be able to skip* the process of filling out multiple Detachments in order to maximize Command points. This means that you can spend more of your points on units that you really want to take. Harlequins don’t really need many HQs to perform well, so you’ll rarely need to go beyond a single Battalion Detachment. In fact, there will be cases where you can easily build a full army with just a single Patrol Detachment.



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