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Fortifications in 9th Edition

As pre-orders are now out, its time to look at how fortifications in 9th edition.

I will admit that although I like them, ive always found them a little weird in the game with two sides of the table having very close up fortifications.

Fortifications in 9th Edition Warhammer 40,000
via WarCom

Building Your Fortifications
First things first, just like everything else in a Battle-forged army, if you want to include some Fortifications, you’re going to need a Detachment. Thankfully, the aptly named Fortification Network is available to cover all your Fortification-based needs. What’s more, the cost of including the Detachment will even be refunded if the Fortifications you include match the Faction of your Warlord!

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  1. Wow they can't stop with these overpowered SM units.

    1. Jesus Christ, the boner is too real GW. Why even call it 40k when it should just be called HH 2: Primaris Bugaloo

  2. Does the bunker's rules allow it to shoot more than once? Targeting "every" eligible unit makes it seem like it can shoot its weapons more than once.
    The fact that they state that OW can only target a charging unit further makes me think that the bunker can shoot more than once.

  3. Yep. Literally shoots at everything it can see and that is in range in every shooting phase it seems. Let's hope the heavy bolters are just that..heavy bolters.

  4. That bunker is an upgunned and (probably undercosted) dreadwind drop pod.

    If it has the deep strike rule (which i highly suspect from the hammer'fall' bunker) then its brokenness shall be complete.

  5. interesting they didn't include eldar wraith gates on their fortification list

    not a fortification per se but the closest thing the eldar have

  6. So SM get some new cheese but all the knights gets something functionally useless.

  7. Anyone else still waiting to see what that model behind the Deathstalker is? It def looks like a skorpekh destroyer but not like any of the ones in the box.

  8. That Primaris turret makes me miss firering arcs