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FAQ's to bring make your Army 9th Edition Ready

Its time to delve into the 9th edition and GW has you covered. New FAQ's and Erratas to adjust your army and be ready to go for 9th edition games!

via WarCom

“The new edition of Warhammer 40,000 has arrived, and it is packed with exciting new rules mechanics and features. If you are a veteran Warhammer 40,000 player, then you will no doubt be poring over these, devising fresh tactics and modifying your strategies in light of all these changes.
When writing the Core Book, we knew that there would be some rules printed in existing publications that would not work quite as we originally intended them to, and there might be some that do not work at all. Indeed, we tried to cover off many potential questions and odd rules interactions in the Rules Appendix of the Core Book itself (where you can also find a list of what units gain the Aircraft keyword and which weapons gain the Blast rule). If you have any questions that arise during your games, we recommend you first consult these pages of the book for answers.
In addition to the updates and clarifications found in the Rules Appendix, you will also find that we have revised our range of Warhammer 40,000 FAQ documents on the Warhammer Community website. The structure of these revised documents makes it easy to tell at a glance what changes are related to the new edition, with updates to rules highlighted in blue and marked with an asterisk.
These updates are designed to make our existing publications work alongside the new edition as intended and to bring existing FAQ entries in line with the rules and terminology found in the new Core Book. On a few occasions, this has even meant deleting a rule that is now redundant; don’t worry, where we have done this it is because the core rules enable the unit to do that thing already, and the deletion is simply to help avoid any confusion that might arise. In addition to rules updates, some of these documents contain new FAQ entries answering questions that we feel might be common within the community when the new edition launches; these are rules that still function as written, but we have clarified exactly how they interact with the new edition’s rules.”

So, once you open them up, you’ll notice that there is blue and pink text in these docs – the pink text shows any new updates since the last update, while the blue text highlights changes made specifically for the update to the new edition. 
You’ll also see a new rules update for the Edge of Silence book, which we just wanted to include now to clear up any confusion around storm shields. 
With that, everything should be in line for the new edition! We’ll still be keeping the #New40K balanced with regular updates too, so stay tuned and send us your feedback via

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  1. “With that, everything should be in line for the new edition!“

    Except half the PA books don’t have a faq and you have completely gakked datasheets like the kff big Mek which has completely different kff profiles then the rest of the codex.

    Working per model not unit
    Clan locked
    Doesn’t pay for kff since it’s an ability not item
    And works in melee where other versions don’t

    There is several other issues as well

    1. Honestly, it's more upsetting that the rules included in the Indomitus booklet already has errata and it hasn't even been released yet.

    2. I was expecting day 1 faqs. That is like day -7 faqs