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Enchanted Forest: July 3D Patreon Release

Just wow. This is a massive set of 3D printable characters from the Heroes Infinite July release.

Really Ive been amazed with the releases from Raging Heroes for their 3D printable Patreon. I think Im sold on getting a resin printer.. I think my July wish list is now a 3D printer. I need to dive in.

Summer Fairies of the Enchanted Forest - July 2020 on Patreon
A massive set of 3D Printable characters! ūüĆ≥ 

" Amazing work, every single model is spectacular! "
" Some of the most stunning feys I've ever seen! "
" Blown away. This set looks awesome."
Just a few comments we got after sharing the video for the Heroes Infinite July 2020 release... We are so pumped to introduce you to the Summer Fairies of the Enchanted Forest! Keep in mind that all files now come PRE-supported.
We really went overboard with this release, there was way too much good stuff to do. So this is a super exceptional release with 18 models, 3 of them being MASSIVE! This is practically a DOUBLE release!!! And for only $10, you get a fantastic set of characters.
Enough words for now, time to watch the video here:

As a reminder, Heroes Infinite is a Patreon project by Raging Heroes for 3D Printable Miniatures.

Got a 3D printer? Thinking of buying one? Love beautiful minis full of life and attitude?

Well hit that Subscribe button because now you can 3D print a new collection of awesome models:
Heroes, Troops, Monsters, and more...
Every month!
For just $10/month!
For the FULL set!
And now the monthly files even come pre-supported
(so less work for you!)
That's not all:
When you join, you also get our Welcome Gift to you:
a 3D modular tavern with loads of accessories!

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