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Building Heroes in the Generals Handbook

Building Heroes is something you can do with the new General's Handbook. This is a great way to customize your games. Lets see how it's done.

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The General’s Handbook 2020: Building Your Heroes!

Step 1: Destiny Points
The first choice you’ll make is just HOW awesome your hero is. Are you making a scrappy up-and-comer or a terrifying general of fell renown? You’ll decide by choosing whether to take 20 or 40 destiny points to build your character. Think of these like EXP in an RPG, used to construct your starting profile. After you’ve chosen your destiny point limit, the fun bit begins.

Step 2: Ancestries
Just what is your hero? From where do they hail? How many legs do they have? At this stage, you’ll get to choose by purchasing an ancestry for your champion. A hulking Dragon Ogor has an awesome profile, but costs a hefty 10 destiny points, while a weedy grot costs only 3! There are a massive 23 Ancestries available – here’s the full list to help you plan. 

Step 3: The Armoury
After you’ve decided what ancestry your hero has – and picked out an appropriate model to convert! – you’ll get to choose which weapons suit your hero. A vast array of ranged and melee profiles are designed to give you a great degree of control over just how your hero fights. Maybe you’ll make a juggernaut wielding a two-handed axe, or use the bow profile to represent bolts of arcane energy. 

Step 4: Archetypes
Your hero’s archetype represents what kind of hero they are and how they’ll play. Here, you have three choices. Commander allows you to make a peerless leader, Acolyte a spiritual guide and inspiring demagogue, and Mage a spell-slinging wizard. Some archetypes are restricted based on your hero’s ancestry – no magical Khorne champions here!  Nevertheless, you’ll find them great for making your hero individual. Just imagine a fireball-throwing bullgor or a doughty duardin strategist. 

Step 5: Bestial Companions
Now, you can really start to personalise your hero with a bestial companion. These come in three varieties – a Minor Beast that fights alongside your hero, a Mounted Beast that they ride on, or a massive Gargantuan Beast like a dragon or a Manticore. These companions can be further customised with abilities that you can purchase with your destiny points. 

Step 6: Finishing Touches
Last up, you can spend your remaining destiny points on a whole host of optional abilities! You can take as many of these as you can afford, with each allowing you to tailor your hero to your preferred play style. From destructive duellists to peerless snipers and inspiring battle standard bearers, it’s all here! 

To help you build your own heroes, we’ve provided a blank warscroll template for you to fill in – you can download it below.

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