Pre-Orders for next weekend! Beastgrave and Wrath of the Everchosen.

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This week sees not one, but two new warbands enter Beastgrave, while the deathless legions of Katakros enter the Eightpoints. We hate to spoil it, but there might be a dust-up brewing… Let’s have a look, shall we?

Make sure you’re up to date on your immunisations, because a foul sorcerer of Nurgle is coming to Beastgrave along with two bloated champions from her retinue, and she’s bringing her cat… Nurgling… hybrid… thing. Their deck includes a new card type, so The Wurmspat play like nothing else in the game, and the models are loaded with all the disgusting details you’d expect to find on faithful followers of Nurgle.   
We’ll let you know more about how The Wurmspat play in your games – including the new cards – later in the week, so check back to learn all about them.
You’ll definitely want to pick up these sickly green and bruised pink dice, and grab some matching card sleeves to keep all your cards for The Wurmspat safe from any stray squelching ooze or foetid ichor.
Next week also sees a very hungry Ogor Icebrow Hunter making his way to Beastgrave in search of something to fill his aching belly. Hrothgorn brought his trusty pet Frost Sabre, Thrafnir, while a handful of enterprising Gnoblars have tagged along hoping for some scraps. Hrothgorn is an impressive brute, for sure, and the diminutive Gnoblars are incredibly fun and full of character.

Watch out for a set of themed dice to go alongside your new warband, this time in a very fetching ice blue and bronze colour scheme. Grab a pack of card sleeves with matching iconography to keep your cards in good shape through the harsh Everwinter blizzards. 

The Mortal Realms have seen a lot of shake ups over the last few books, including the Shyish necroquake and the arrival of the Ossiarch Bonereapers. Now, Wrath of the Everchosen builds on these events as the forces of Death invade the Eightpoints, home to Archaon’s murderous followers and his nigh-impenetrable fortress, the Varanspire. The clash between two of the greatest generals in all the Mortal Realms, leading two of the mightiest armies, is a spectacle to behold for every fan of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and is sure to have lasting ramifications for the rest of the realms.
If you play a Chaos army (or want to start) this book is a must-have, detailing a new combined daemon allegiance. Included in the book are loads of new and exciting rules, as well as scenarios to represent some of the 13 unique sub-factions and wild battles of the epic war, with full campaign details if you want to recreate it yourself. You’ll also find updated rules for conducting sieges, plus using roaming monsters and even wandering endless spells in your games. 
Next week, you’ll be able to preorder the 104-page book in standard hardback and digital editions

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