Its actually two weeks of 40k with the new Psychic Awakening Campaign. Eldar this week returns us to Space Marines this week.

Here is the new Primaris Space Marine, an Assault Transport, the Impulsor. It seems highly flexible and tough to boot.

via the Warhammer Community
Primaris Space Marines are going to get about in speed AND style soon with the release of the Primaris Impulsor. Today, we take a closer look at this new assault transport.
The Impulsor is a fast-moving assault transport that benefits from the same advanced gravitic-impulsion technology employed by the heavier Repulsor-class chassis. These vehicles are often used by Vanguard forces to deliver the killing blow, or in a similar capacity to Rhino APCs to form armoured columns or launch rapid outflanking manoeuvres.
The Impulsor is one of the fastest transport available to the Space Marines, able to move an incredible 14″ per turn and carry up to six Primaris Infantry troops.* Units inside can also disembark AFTER it’s moved, meaning that your Intercessors can jump out and lay waste to your enemy with a hail of bolt rifle fire.

The Impulsor is fully adaptable for any mission profile. Transporting a unit that HAS to get to its target? Then take a Shield Dome and make your vehicle even more durable.

Want to call down the devastating glory of an orbital barrage on your enemy? Then add an Orbital Comms Array to your Impulsor.

Need some anti-aircraft firepower? Then the ironhail skytalon array is for you.

Or if you want a really flexible weapon option that’s able to take on any target, then you can take the bellicatus missile array. Its variety of warheads mean that you’ll always have the right tool for any situation.

However you equip the Impulsor, it’s the perfect vehicle for getting your Primaris Space Marines across the battlefield fast. It’s available to pre-order on Saturday

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