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Questoris Knights. The Making of a Knight Army

Looking to fill out that Knight army for Adeptus Titanicus? New releases this weekend will help you do just that. Up for pre-order this weeknd are new upgrade packs along with complete boxsets for just starting your up your new Knight Lances

via the Warhammer Community
"Knight Household forces are made up of Banners (that’s squads) of Knights. These banners are then organised into threes, known as a Lance. Every model in a banner must have the same weapons (excluding extras like the Stormspear rocket pod and meltaguns), and at least two banners in a lance must be made up of the same class of Knight. Don’t worry if this sounds complex – in practice, starting your collection is simple. Just grab three sets of Questoris Knights, then arm each with the same weapon – so three with Avenger gatling cannons, three with rapid-fire battle cannons and three with thermal lances. That should give you a solid and versatile Lance to get started with! 

If you’re looking to take things further, we’d recommend getting a set of Questoris Knight Upgrades and arming each of your High Scions – the squad leaders for each Banner – with a stormspear rocket pod, then giving all the meltaguns to your Knights with thermal lances for MAXIMUM close range destruction.

From there, it’s really up to you! If you’re looking for extreme gallantry, there’s nothing more noble than going full tilt at a Warlord Titan with some Cerastus Knights. You’re also free to take any number of Freeblade Lances. Unlike Household forces, Freeblades can be equipped however you like, making them ideal for unusual weapon combinations or just for when you fancy painting something different. 

For rules, you’ll want to get the Adeptus Titanicus rules set and the Doom of Molech expansion, and you’re all ready to go!"

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