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40k Rumors: Psychic Awakening Release Schedule

There are at least 3 Psychic Awakening books coming according to rumors. The time frames on them seem somewhat vague, but this rumor jumps in and tries to get a hold on when we might be seeing these books. It seems rather fast which makes me think that this really is difficult to get out and be accurate, but who knows. We will see.

Please remember that these are rumors. The bottom part of this rumor I am assuming means that there will not be boxsets coming for every Psychic Awakening rumor we see.

just told me in the headset that the schedule will go a little faster than expected
Volume 1: Asuryani vs. Drukhari (October 2019)
Volume 2 : Chaos vs BT (end of November)
Volume 3: Blood Angels vs. Tyranids (before 2020)
Volume 4: SW vs Ork (inevitably after)

And there are many more than 4 books that answers my question from above

Update 21/10/19 -
And the content of the PA2 box do you know?
I read somewhere that there would be no box for PA2 (and a probably not for PA3)