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Black Templar Rumor Mill Hits.

The Black Templar are eagerly awaited right now with rumors that have been coming over the last few weeks and that teaser we had over the weekend hinting that those Black Templar will finally be restored to their former glory.

Rumors, please take with salt until we get something more solid.

via Kikasstou on a French Warhammer 40k forum
originally all posted up in French and relying upon others to translate.

This part posted by Celtic_Cauldron
- PA2 should be known as "Faith and Fury";
- No Primaris  Emperor's Champion;
- At this stage, no specific box ala PA1;
- New Chaos Sorcerer should arrive with PA2;
- one thing that is not clear about Guard: they could be fighting alongside Chaos and Imperium. Nothing clearer at that stage. I just put this line awaiting more clarity. 

Now specific for Black Templars:
- Chapter Doctrine should be during Assault: if getting a 6 to hit in CC, then auto-wound;
- one relic should allow one unit within 6'' to be considered under the Assault Doctrine;
- Crusaders Squads are still a thing: if there is as many Marines as Scouts, then everyone should get +1 to hit in CC;
- specific litanies for Black Templars (as they don't have Psykers).

And now, a single information about PA3: Primaris Mephiston could happen with that book.

translated by Doctor Perils
Essentially, we could be seeing space marine characters of different "levels" - lvl2 librarians will have an extra psypower, lvl2 chaplains an extra litany and lvl2 techmarines would heal a flat 3 wounds (instead of d3)
He goes on to add that that Black Templars will have the largest section of new stuff

We are getting a single chaos model for this release that has around a dozen sets of rules in it