It seems that Psychic Awakening will be an expansion covering at least three books according to this rumor. We have Eldar and Dark Eldar in book one, but book 2 will be Black Templar, Sisters, and Chaos. 

Book 3 is even mentioned with the Blood Angels.

Please remember that these are rumors.

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Seems we got some more/better clarified news from "The French" ( teehee.gif ) today

Disclaimer:italian that's translating from french after forgetting most of it so yeah,might be not 100% exact

- Rules in PsyAwakening Book 2.Including the full complement of new stratagems/litanies/warlord traits/relics/doctrine
- Tome 2 enemy is chaos
- Helbrecht and Grimaldus are stilòl oldmarines but their rules are expected to change a bit
- 1 CP stratagem for charging out of LR crusaders with no overwatch + the charged enemy unit is -1 to hit in HtH
- Relic with one round of 4++ 3" aoe around the bearer
- Warlord trait with +1" charge/ + 1" advance
- "Dont get to excited for characters,most of what has changed are the WT"
- "But once they get in HtH,the target has few chances of escaping it" (later explained to be a stratagem that denies disengage on a 2+)

I'm, going out of topic already but in the midst of this,he dropped a "BAs in tome 3,next spring.Enemy:Tyr"

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A good reliable source said they will get an amazing Primaris Emperor’s Champion.

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