The new Space Marines are up for pre-orders today, taking them to a new level of flexibility and specialty forces.

Also included today are the Codex Supplements for the Salamanders and the Imperial Fists

Pre-Orders can be found here

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We’ve got something for Space Marines of all stripes this week. Whether you prefer to burn your enemies to a crisp, smash apart their strongholds or just need some reinforcements, it’s all here to pre-order.


It’s fast! It flies! It gives great miles per gallon! The new Impulsor transport is the way to get your Primaris Space Marines into combat. Not only is it one of the quickest vehicles available to the Adeptus Astartes, but it has a number of optional extras, from the orbital comms array to the ironhail skytalon array, that make it ideal for any mission. 

Infiltrators and Incursors

If the Space Marines ever open a nightclub,* these units will be running the door – so good are they at area denial that if your name’s not down, you’re not coming in. Whether you go with the Incursors and their haywire mines or the Infiltrators, equipped with Omni-scramblers, you can control huge swathes of the battlefield.

The Emperor’s siege masters get ready to storm out of their fortress with the release of Codex Supplement: Imperial Fists. The book is packed with the history and organisation of the Chapter as well as Relics, Warlord Traits, Stratagems, Tactical Objectives and Geokinesis – a new psychic discipline – which allows you to turn the very earth against your enemies. The book is available as a Collector’s Editionhardback and ePub.
The codex supplement also features datasheets for Captain LysanderPedro Kantor** and a new Imperial Fists Character, Tor Garadon. The Captain of the 3rd Company is just as stoic as you’d expect, and he can absolutely crush enemies with his special power fist, the Hand of Defiance.
Don’t forget to also grab your datacards so that you can easily keep track of your Sons of Dorn on the battlefield. You can also get your hands on the Upgrades and Transfers kit so that your Primaris Space Marines look like true paragons of their Chapter – it contains loads of awesome parts, from power fists to backpack-mounted targeters.

If you’ve been carrying a flame for the Sons of Nocturne, then now is your chance to shine with Codex Supplement: Salamanders. Read about the history of the Chapter and learn why they have only seven Companies. Bend fire to your will with the Promethean psychic discipline and use Chapter-specific Relics, Warlord Traits, Stratagems and Tactical Objectives. Pick it up in special Collector’s Editionhardback and ePub versions.
Vulkan He’stan has a new datasheet in the codex supplement and he is joined by Adrax Agatone. Just like Tor Garadon, Agatone has crossed the Rubicon Primaris and serves as the 3rd Company Captain. He’s also totally lethal in close combat – enemies will be keeping their distance from the devastating swings of his unique thunder hammer, Malleus Noctum.
Datacards will help you keep track of your Salamanders in the heat of battle, but be careful – they’re not fireproof. That’s important to note, as the Salamanders Primaris Upgrades and Transfers kit contains hand flamers, braziers and everything else you need to make your Primaris Space Marines look like the flame-toting artisans that they are.

Everything here is available to pre-order from our webstore right now and will be on shelves next week. Go and grab your Space Marines reinforcements today!

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