Ogor Mawtribes are getting their Battletome this weekend. Here is a brief preview.

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Ogor Mawtribes

Who are the Ogor Mawtribes?
There are two distinct cultures of ogors – the brutal Gutbusters and the savage Beastclaw Raiders. Both are nomadic, driven by a supernatural hunger that can never be truly sated, and worship Gorkamorka.

The Gutbusters roam and pillage, dominating and consuming all in their path, whilst the Beastclaw Raiders hail from the frozen wastes and raise hardy beasts for food, bearing burdens and making war. When the two cultures bring their formidable skills together, they harness incredible destructive potential.

Battletome: Ogor Mawtribes 

Now, your most numerous ogor unit is an objective-capturing BEAST, shifting just about anything off of them and then stubbornly refusing to move.
On top of being fantastic units in their own right, ButchersSlaughtermastersHuskards on Thundertusks – and especially Great Mawpots – are also able to restore Wounds to depleted units. With a few of these on the table, your enemies have to choose between trying to displace some very sticky objective holders or finding a softer target.

Heroes and Monsters

Feast of Bones

 pre-order Feast of Bones this weekend to get your hands on the new Ogor Tyrant, six Gluttons, two Leadbelchers and an Ironblaster!

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