There is a particulary wide set of rumors regarding Psyhic Awakening vol 2 and vol 3. The biggest part of this is whoa!!!! Mephiston is going to rock a new miniature and become a Primaris. This would be a large upgrade.

What do you think?
There is a lot here including Librarians, Chaplains, and Techmarines getting a level 2 as well as Black Templar and much more.

via Kikasstou on French Forums

About Psychic Awakening Vol. 3 (BA vs Tyranids) :
_ Mephiston will get a new model. He is now a primaris.

About Psychic Awakening Vol. 2 :
_ Main focus is BT vs Chaos (CSM). SoB will be in it, but they are not the main focus of the book. Same goes for Imperial Guard.

_ Librarians, Chaplains and Techmarines "level 2" are making a comeback. Librarians and Chaplains know one more spell / litany and can cast one more spell / litany. Techmarines lvl 2 can repair a flat 3 damages instead of D3.

_ Access to those lvl 2 characters will work in the same manner as getting a Chapter Master or Ork Warphead. The stratagems to "upgrade" the characters will cost 1 CP.

_ All SM will have access to those lvl 2 characters (he doesn't know if SW, DA and BA will have access to Chaplains lvl 2 because they don't even know Litanies right now). He thinks it is only for SM and CSM will not have access to something similar but he's not sure.

_ BT cannot use IF stratagems / warlord traits / etc. PA2 will pretty much be its own supplement for BT : super-doctrine, warlord traits, relics, stratagems and their very own Litanies. He doesn't know if there will be any new model for BT (it was confirmed to him that there will be NO Primaris version or new model for Hellbrecht, Grimaldus and the Emperor's Champion).

_ Don't expect a lot of new models in general. There might be a new Chaos Sorcerer though.

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