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Ever since the Shadowspear battlebox introduced the first of the new Vanguard elements of the Primaris Space Marines forces, many of you have been asking for their Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team datasheets. Well, in October’s issue of White Dwarf, your wish has been granted!
Today, we’re introducing some of their rules and offering guidance on how to get the most from these powerful new additions to your Adeptus Astartes kill team’s arsenal.
Before we go into the new datasheets, let’s remind ourselves of the two Primaris options you’ve currently got, plus a couple of new wargear choices…


Reivers are swift and dynamic, close-ranged operatives. Their datasheet hasn’t changed, but they remain your best models for swiftly traversing terrain, using grapnel launchers to engage enemy snipers or contest elevated objectives.


With three patterns of bolt rifle to choose from, as well as the auxiliary grenade launcher option for their Gunners, Intercessors make for great options at every range. However, if you’re after a devastating Combat specialist for your kill team, look no further than the Intercessor Sergeant. Not only do they have a whopping 4 Attacks in melee, but they have some fantastic weapon options, which now include a power fist and even a thunder hammer!

Right, that’s those two covered – now onto the new Vanguard datasheets!


The ability to take a haywire mine is as good a reason as any to include an Incursor in your kill team. While only one of your Incursors can take a haywire mine, it’s fantastic for setting up a booby trap right on top of an objective marker, as it’ll force your opponent to think twice about whether or not to try to claim it.
An Incursor’s occulus bolt carbine is at its best when targeting obscured enemies and complements the Level 1 ability of a Demolitions specialist, Breacher, which will also add 1 to your wound rolls.


As their name suggests, Infiltrators are really good at, well… infiltrating! This is represented by the Concealed Position ability, which enables you to secure forward control of the battlefield from the outset.
When you also consider the effect that their Omni-scramblers have, a few carefully positioned Infiltrators will ensure that your opponent is pinned in their deployment zone. You can then easily rush support up to help secure command of the battlefield.


Put simply, if you want to blow away your target at a distance, you need an Eliminator or two in your kill team! The las fusil is a full-on anti-tank weapon, so can be relied upon to blast apart anyone or anything it hits. However, if it’s flexibility you’re after rather than a single devastating shot, you may want to go for a bolt sniper rifle instead to make use of its three ammo variants.
Eliminators match the Concealed Position ability of Infiltrators, and can also make use of their camo cloaks to confound the eyes of their enemies. Set them up in an ideal firing position and they’ll be a nightmare to shift!

Lieutenant in Phobos Armour

You’re getting a new Commander, too! In addition to a vastly superior profile to the rest of your Vanguard models, the Lieutenant in Phobos Armour can be equipped with a grav-chute. This makes him the perfect choice to spearhead a fast-moving attack by your Reivers, where his combat prowess will give you a significant edge.

So, there you have it – the lowdown on the new Vanguard units that you can look forward to using when you pick up your copy of October’s issue of White Dwarf! Do you know what else is cool? We’re giving you all of the updated points values below, so you’ll be able to start using your Intercessor Sergeant with power fist or thunder hammer RIGHT NOW!
If you haven’t subscribed to White Dwarf, make sure you do so today to ensure that you never miss out on awesome new rules like these. You’ll even have your copies delivered to your door a few days early, along with exclusive full-art covers!

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