So here is the latest preview going on now with the Sylvaneth.

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The battle for the Black Oak has been fought! Did the Sylvaneth prevail? Or did the forces of Nurgle reign supreme? An epic battle was fought on Warhammer Live to determine our champion – if you’re a subscriber, you can check it out for yourself today. Meanwhile, our latest short fiction has the canonical (and gory) end to the conflict…
So – this could be very, very bad news in Ghyran indeed. As any of you who played our battleplan earlier in the week can attest, the Black Oak – a vast, monstrous entity from the Age of Myth – is a terrifying creation indeed. And now, the followers of Nurgle have three. 

The Return of the Cultivator

When we last saw Horticulous Slimux, it was back in Malign Portents, as Nurgle’s chief gardener attempted to thwart Nagash with the help of Great Unclean One Rotigus. Now, it looks like Horticulous is back, using his green thumb to devastating effect in the cultivation of the Black Oak. It looks like the war for control over Ghyran is very far from over…

Cracks in the Grand Alliance?

As those of you who’ve read Forbidden Power will know, some of the gods of Sigmar’s pantheon are not best pleased with the Stormvaults. Teclis, one of the twin gods of Hysh, is furious with Sigmar for turning his Enlightenment Engines into the Penumbral EnginesJust what will Alarielle make of Sigmar hiding the seeds to the deadly Black Oak in her realm? We’ll have to wait and see to find out…

And More!

The story of the Black Oak is just a narrow slice of the story of the war for the Stormvaults. We’ll have more tales from Forbidden Power for you soon, while for more on the Sylvaneth – and just how they’re faring in the Soul Wars – pre-order the new battletome tomorrow, and Start Collecting!today. 

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