These classic minis will be available next week! Chaos Sorcerors!

via the Warhammer Community

Three classic Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer models will be available to order from next Saturday for just one week (the warp is fickle like that). It’s already been an amazing year for Chaos Space Marines fans – what with a new codex and a huge range of incredible plastic kits. This chance to pick up some amazing models from the past is like a cherry on top of the Chaos cake.*

These three models date back more than two decades. Each retains an echo of the Space Marine Librarians they once were, but their ornate detailing shows the influence of the Dark Gods and will help them to fit nicely in a modern Heretic Astartes army.

You can order these three Chaos Space Marine Sorcerers next Saturday. In the meantime, pick up the codex for their rules, and some Chaos Space Marines to give them some followers to lead.

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