Welcome to the first Primer for The Genesys Project. In this update I’ll present various points of The Genesys Project that make it special and often quite different from other games. 

First up, Gameplay

General Gameplay and Command 
In games of The Genesys Project, typical play lasts for 6 Game Rounds, each round consisting of multiple Player Turns alternating back and forth. Each player gets to activate several units equal to their Command Value, which is equal to the highest Command characteristic the player has on the table. 

For example: Having a Command of 4 would allow you to activate 4 units during your player turn. Then your opponent would take their player turn, activating as many units as their highest Command characteristic, before returning play back to you, and so on until all the units on the table have been activated ending the round.

The player that finishes their activations first has the initiative for the following Game Round. Of course, this can be challenged and if that challenge fails, you reduce the challenger’s Command Value for that round. 

So, what happens if your model with the highest Command is killed? Yep, it could instantly can change how many squads you may activate each Player Turn

Activating a unit allows each unit to take a Movement+ Action. Your action may be held for later (eg. if you know you’re about to be charged or engaged in combat). 

Movement+ allows you to move up to 3 times your Movement characteristic. Some actions may require less movement, as do some abilities, like taking extra advantage of cover. A typical Movement characteristic is 3", which would be a movement of 9" possible.

We will talk more on activations later. 

Reactionary Activations
Anytime your opponent activates, you may trigger a single Reactionary Activation. Doing so is at a reduced skill level, lowering characteristics involved by 1. 

The End Game
In some wargames, there’s a pre-determined end point, which means players can make unrealistic moves in a final turn without fear of reprisal. In The Genesys Project we have introduced The End Game. You, or your opponent, may attempt to push the game past the 6th Game Round. To do this, simply roll a die and add your highest Command value on the table. If the result equals or beats the Game Round you want to go into, the game continues. The maximum round for the End Game is Round 10

Interestingly enough, the highest game round we have played to with our in-house playtesters is Round 9. Most commonly, Round 6 ends the game, sometimes we go into 7, and only rarely 8. 

Do you have any questions about these points? Feel free to ask them below.

Up Next - The Combat Mechanics!

The Genesys Project is currently up on Kickstarter. 

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