Blitzmania is just getting started and you can register your teams now. Don't worry though as games do not start up until Saturday so you have a couple days.

Not certain what Blitzmania is.... Just head below to get all the details and links.

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It’s almost time, sports fans – Blitzmania II is launching this weekend, and pre-registration is now live.
Blitzmania is a global Blood Bowl league where you can prove your skills by rising to the top of online league tables that let you track your prowess against players all across the planet. Play well enough, and you could even win the prestigious Blitzmania Cup.

This year’s Blitzmania promises to be the biggest ever, and if you want to take part, the first step is registering your team on the Blitzmania website. The action kicks off on Saturday – getting in early gives you a head start when it comes to registering your games.

Register your team for Blitzmania on the Blood Bowl website:
Not got a Blood Bowl team? Don’t worry! Getting involved is simple – the Blood Bowl core set contains two teams, rules, dice, a pitch and everything else you might need to get started. You can order your copy online today.

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