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New New Knights with Prices! The Imperial Knights Codex... Plus a look at what they are and More

This is a big week, and its a little crazy that we are getting so much here this week. The new Knights will definitely make a big splash and I cannot wait to see the rules for them!!!!!

Also look below to see a pic that is circulating.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

Codex Imperial Knights: Includes the background, history and the origins for the Imperial Knight Range

Imperial Knights Renegade: Standalone boxed game containing two knights (Errant/Paladin and Warden) and a Galvanic Magnavent Scenery

Armiger Helverins: 2 Complete Knight miniatures, designed to accompany the large varians.

Knight Valiant: A new type of knight, bristling with close-combat weaponry fire.

Knight Caellan: A new type of knight that specializes in long-range artillery fire.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

Prices in USD via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

Armiger Helverins $75
Knight Valiant $170
Knight Castellan $170
Renegade $195
Codex: IK $40
Datacards: $15
Datasheets: $15
Battle Gauge $12.5
Dice $20

Oh yea, and this is circulating right now. sent in by readers 
Is this blue thing in the background the rumoured "lanky" knight or is it forgeworld?