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More Bretonnia!
Grail Reliquae (2004), Saint Celestine (2016), Unicorn (1992?) and Leman Russ’ Freki and Geri wolves (1991).  I also have an empire battle priest (cast to order from 2016), and two bald trebuchet persons to make the 6x6 matrix. It all makes sense when you put it together. There were 6 battle pilgrims (excluding) the Reliquae as part of the box set, but 9 different citadel models across the range. Game Workshop cast in 3x3 types: Fat guys, raised sword, and down sword.  Had to get 21-6 = 15 =5x3 additional blister packs of Battle Pilgrims before I had the complete set. Which then resulted in a larger unit I hand hope to originally paint. Chipped away at it 3x Battle Pilgrims at a time.


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