Gavriel Sureheart is now available from Games Workshop. Not a pre-order, but available today.

via Warhammer Community

The Stormcast Eternals get reinforcements today in the form of a new hero – Lord-Celestant Gavriel Sureheart. This new model is an alternative to the existing Lord-Celestant on foot, with different weapons – his starbound blade and sigmarite thundershield make him a defensive powerhouse as well as a mighty warrior. The model is packed with detail, from the long, flowing hair on his unhelmeted head to the lion symbols – denoting great bravery in battle – and lightning bolts that adorn his armour. His shield is the round variant commonly used by Prosecutorsand Dracothian Guard, which will make him stand out among the longer shields of Liberators, and he is dynamically posed with his sword held high, clearly urging his fellow Stormcast Eternals to charge in Sigmar’s name!
This eight-piece plastic kit is available now, and you can find his rules in a downloadable PDF here.

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