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Just thought I should (despite my average painting skills.) share my custom alpharius model. (forgeworld have not yet given us alpha legionaries a true model for our primarch yet)

My version of alpharius is based off of a stormcast eternal miniture. I removed the 'flying't tabard and restructured the legs so he could stand proudly on a vanquished foes heavy flamer. The head is a standard marine helm left over from the calth plastics (with an added plume from the bits box), the spear comes from a dark eldar scourge kit, the plasma blaster was discreetly acquired from the tartaros terminator sprue from the prospero box, the backpack is a modified missile launcher heavy weapon backpack with two dark elf black corsair cloaks melded into one attached to it, the vox aerials are taken from the old plastic rhino and the upgrade sprue that used to come with the older predator kits. (the heavy flamer is from the sentinel kit)

A few images show him next to some recon marines and a deredeo (which has the dish from the damocles rhino filling the hole left by the lack of the missile launcher) for scale purposes. Now time to make use of him to bait my friends Roboute Guilliman (my common opponent. Guilliman is very unlucky though he's been critically wounded (I.E Removed as a casualty) every time my opponent has used him so far. Once even being run over and crushed by a weaponless rhino)


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