This is a highly suspect rumor, so please give it plenty of salt. Much of it though does appear rather logical. This latest bit contains both the original post and added information + a bit about where helterskelter got the info.

This is a rumor, please take with added salt.

via helterskelter on Bolter and Chainsword

8th Edition starter is Astartes vs Chaos Marines.
Rulebook will be similar to Age of Sigmar’s General’s Handbook.
Campaign Books similar to the Realmgate Wars series.
Point costs and rules for Army construction will be in the “General’s Handbook” and future codex-like Books
Release date for 8th Edition is June
The new Edition will be set after Abaddons’s 13th Black Crusade
-Initial focus on factions will be on Imperium vs. Chaos
-There are brewing disagreement between the returning Primarchs
-Many are shocked and disagree the 40th Millennia Imperium’s religion and injustice.

More rumours about the 8th edition, not how the rules look but the background 🙀

Look for the plotline of 8th Edition to wind it’s way to Mars, seat of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
Upon it’s surface the Emperor has laid a grand plan millennia in the making.
Which only his returned sons can complete.
An ultimate tool to cast down the Ruinous Powers.

Another hint that the Primarchs are back

A word on where this is coming from via helterskelter
You can, i have an associate, and we're part of a private FB group, he posts what he gets from his sources, whom he refers to as his "spies" 

Also this is the pic that people have been looking at for the January White Dwarf speculating that this is Abaddon with the top note above the blocked out image.

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