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After getting the awesome new version of White Dwarf (a great tribute to the Paul Sawyer days), i quickly assembled my new and free mini.
Being the first AoS model i have seen up close i was shocked by the sheer scale of him compared to my 40k minis.

He had sat on my painting desk up until yesterday (9/9/16) as i decided how to paint him.
I had been meaning to go pick up some of the technical paints such as Blood for the Blood God, Nihiklah Oxide, Ryza Rust and some golds as i have none of these in my paint set and the gold had long since dried up.

Impatience got the better of me and took me quite a while to finish. 7hrs or there abouts. 
I can do a squad of marines in that time.
I was prob due to the amount of inks, washes and glazes i had to use to make up for the colours i didnt have.
All in all this was a great miniature to assemble and paint and i may consider picking up AoS in future but Gorechosen and Silver Tower look like they may sneak into my collection soon.


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