Bolt Action 2 is getting it's second wave of pre-orders out, simply because the first wave sold out quickly. Now the 2nd edition rulebook is back up as well as the 2 player starter set. There is also some fun new terrain for Beyond the Gates of Antares as well as a new preview jetbike. Check it out above.

Bolt Action 2nd Edition Rulebook $40.00
Bolt Action 2 Starter Set - "Band of Brothers" $112.00
Age of Caesar - Hail Caesar supplement $28.00

Bolt Action Releases
Oddball Heroes $32.00
Oddball Sherman $48.00
US Airborne plastic boxed set $41.00
M3 Stuart Platoon $80.00

Konflict '47 Releases
Allied Coyote/Guardian Light Walker $29.00

Beyond the Gates of Antares Releases

and a Preview!

Faeit 212 Community News

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