This is interesting, as Tom Walton who did a lot of work on the Skitarii is working on a new project for something new. Can we say Sisters please.........?

via Chikout on Dakka;jsessionid=BF451F9EE67A94B467EF7F95AF88D87C#8949875

I'll drop this here since I'm not sure it merits its own thread. (we really need a kind of 40k catch all for all the little rumour snippits)
Tom Walton who worked on many 40k vehicles is active on twitter. He mentioned that has in the office doing overtime sculpting minis for an army he has never worked on before.
30 minutes of Google fu later I have it narrowed down to Aos (he does vehicles so unlikely) nids (organic so unlikely) orks or sisters. So new ork or sisters vehicles incoming then.

Dan Walton's Tweet.

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