There has been a lot of people interested lately in exploring The Genesys Project. If you haven't taken note of it yet, The Genesys Project is a tabletop miniature game developed here that allows you to create your own faction or race by selecting your own army wide abilities. Unit Classes are different groups within your faction with different skill sets, abilities, and specialized equipment. These are also created by you, and includes complete spell and weapon customization.

A lot of people have signed up for newsletters and downloaded the rules for Genesys, and in doing so have mentioned that they are interested in playtesting and contributing to the game. This couldnt be easier, and if you are interested in playtesting lets get started.

While the game is in beta, those that have asked to join playtesting get early sets of the latest updates before they go live on The Genesys Project's site. You can join by simply emailing

Coming Soon
There is a new update in the works as we speak, and is scheduled to go out to playtesters on Friday. This update includes two new spell Foci with exciting new features including enchanting weapons and armor, counterspells, golem constructs, and a selection of personal effects like extremis shielding, ethereal forms, and stone transformation. Also coming are new Items of Power allowing you to find and create ever increasing powerful spells.

Of course there are several updates as well that have been contributed to by playtesters, and those of you creating armies.

Also within the next month, expect an army builder online to create your race and unit classes. This will be a nice addition to help create your factions.

One Crazy night of playtesting
In house playtesting of course continues, with a good crew of testers, some of which have been contributing their time to the Genesys Project for a couple years. Just to give you some idea of the new races that these guys were creating, here are 4 different armies that were made for last weekends in house playtesting marathon.

The Horde: Goblyns in mass was the first race to hit the tables. With Wolves running at their sides, and a throng of goblyn slaves to throw first into combat.

The Giants: Regenerating Dwarf Titans were created to try and break some of the rules. These guys were huge, tough, and of course regenerated. Incredible point costs made these guys cost over 110pts equipped. At 250pt games, only two giants were hitting tables often against 15-20 opposing models.

Dwarven Religous Zealots. Highly skilled and enhanced by a faith caster, these warriors were equipped with the finest, were highly skilled, and tough in battle. While the Giants were fielding 2 models, the Dwarves were fielding 7 skilled combatants.

Cheapest Units possible. Yea, someone did it, 5pt models that could hit in masses that even the Goblyns envied was the focus of this army. They of course were led by a Giant, and aided by archers.

There are almost endless possibilities for people to create for their race. The night's playtesting was pitting several themes against each other, and out of the 6 games played, everyone one of them (except one) was a close game that could of gone either way.

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