There has been a lot of great responses to The Genesys Project, and the feedback has been wonderful. As games are happening and races being created in dozens of countries around the world, I wanted to check in for a quick update.

To get your free personal Product Key to download the latest rules, just follow the link

Online Racial and Unit Class Creator. Yep.... That's right, one is currently under construction as we speak. This will allow everyone to very quickly create your faction, and just as easily share it with others in the community.

Game Updates. As most of you already know there are quite a few updates in the works, including two new spell Foci for Arcane casters. There is a lot of other new and exciting updates as well, as playtesting allows for adjustments and editing. The latest updates going out to people signed up to view playtesting material early is a few days behind, simply due to the size of the updates that are coming. These will be coming this week!!!

Here are a few of the things coming......

  • Horses (non warhorses) are being added as common equipment, so that everyone has access to mounts much easier. Of course horses can be an equivalent creature as well. These mounts are not able to be armored and are not as fast as light warhorses, nor powerful as heavy warhorses. 

  • Addiional parrying ability, allowing for a small bump to deflection bonuses. 

  • Military Weapons are getting adjusted and easier to get access to. This means the requirements are being downgraded some. they are also getting a minimum range.

  • Bows. The primary advantage of a bow is it's ability to volley shots at the enemy. (yea a little research on bow use makes the use of bows much more fun). However, they are getting a strength upgrade to Strength 3/2. This means that the pull of the bow allows up to a Strength 3 shot if you have at least Strength 3. A strength of 2 for your archers gives you a Strength 2 shot. Of course you can always use advanced weapons to make an even stronger bow, or one with greater range.  

  • Additional Armor Attributes are coming in order to allow for Genesys equivalents to Mithril chain, where additional protection for no movement penalties apply. This will allow for more variants in armor construction. 

  • Arcane Foci of Transformation and Ethereal. Two new Foci are being added with powers such as Counterspell which when used as a reaction for casting, can dismiss and fizzle powers. Ethereal Form which takes your willpower and transforms that into all your physical characteristics; Strength, Toughness and Movement. In all, both Foci are adding 6 new powers to Arcane Casters.

  • New Items of Power to create even more powerful magic with arcane scrolls, amulets, and additional powers for your  Relics, Wands, and Staves. 

Along with these, there are several clarifications and updates. 

A Look Ahead.........
The Second Age for Humanoids is a big priority right now, and with it a modern +100years battlefield can take to the tables with all the flexibility and creation that you'd expect. Variants for Humanoids in the Second Age include, Cybernetics, Robotics, Zombies (a parasitic disease), Utopian, and more that can be combined with first age variants to create your own unique factions. Advanced technologies including genetic manipulation, technological weapons and armor, and your own vehicle customization rules are all coming, as the second age picks up the pace of the action on the tabletop. 

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