New From Forgeworld this morning include the Fimirach and his warriors. For Titan Fans, well, there's the new Legio Titanicus Titan Maniple.

New from Forgeworld

Fimirach Noble £25  
Fimirach Noble and Warriors £118
Legio Titanicus Titan Maniple £2,850

Fimirach Noble

Leading units of Fimir Warriors, Fimirach Nobles are even more ferocious combatants than the loathsome reptilians they lead.

As with other Fimir warriors, Fimirach Nobles are armoured with plates of spell-forged bronze fitted to their hunchbacked bodies and wield Baleglyph weapons in combat, either in the shape of great double-handed mauls, or single-handed maces and curving hatchets, held one in each hand. Each also has a formidable weapon in its muscular tail which ends in a natural bone club with which it can smash any foes who get in close with bone-breaking force.

This product comprises a single, detailed multi-part resin model and includes one citadel 50mm round base.  

Legio Titanicus Titan Maniple

The god-engines of the Titan Legions have served Mankind since long before the Age of Strife, their origins lost in the Dark Age of Technology. The most powerful war machines to walk on the battlefields of the Imperium, Titans are armed with weaponry designed to level cities and obliterate armies. These colossal machines are fully capable of operating individually, but are often deployed in formal units known as a ‘Maniple’ comprising five god-engines.

This incredible value bundle consists of five fully armed Titans forming a complete Maniple: A Warlord Battle Titan, two Reaver Battle Titans, and two Warhound Scout Titans. It’s an exceptional way to collect a full force of Titans, or a great opportunity for a group of collectors to buy multiple Titans.

Included are:
A Mars pattern Warlord Titan body
A Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord Titan Head
A pair of Mars pattern Warlord Titan Laser Blasters
Two Mars pattern Warlord Titan Belicosa Volcano Cannon
Two Mars pattern Reaver Titan bodies
Two Reaver Titan Apocalypse Missile Launchers
Two Reaver Titan Powerfists
Two Reaver Titan Laser Blasters
Two Mars pattern Warhound Titan bodies
Two Mars pattern Warhound Titan Plasma Balstguns
Two Mars pattern Warhound Titan Vulcan Mega Bolters

If the contents of this bundle do not exactly match the Titans you want to build, please contact the Forge World Customer Service Team before placing your order. If you would like alternative weapons for your Titans, or would prefer Chaos Titan bodies, we'll be happy to create a bundle for you with the same great value. Please note: the bundle must contain all of the parts needed to construct one Warlord Titan, two Reaver Titans, and two Warhound Titans.

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