The pre-orders are up, unless you are in the US (and will get a chance in about an hour). Traitos Hate, its Limited Edition, Kharn, and the Void Shield Generator are the highlights. Plus...... The Renegade Knight is available now as well!

New From Games Workshop

Black Crusade: Traitor's Hate Limited Edition £110
Black Crusade: Traitor's Hate £30

Khârn the Betrayer £22
Renegade Knight £97
Void Shield Generator £60

Heretic Astartes Psychic Powers £8

Traitor's Hate & Heretic Astartes Psychic Cards £38
Maelstrom of Gore £114
Heldrake Terror Pack £90
Raptor Talon £78
Favoured of Chaos £65

Faeit 212 Community News

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