Today there is a test run for the Genesys Project newsletters for anyone that signs up on the Genesys Project site. There is a lot of work being done, and Monday is the release of the Core Rules. How do I know this for certain? Well they are ready to go.

You might be asking, "So how do I get more involved in the Genesys Project?" It's easy and you have many options.

1. Just following it here, on Faeit 212 (and soon to appear on other sites as well).
2. Heading over to for the latest updates all listed and updated.
3. Signing up to get the very latest update information and insider info by jumping into the community and signing up for the newsletter.
4. Of course questions can always be asked here on Faeit 212, or by email

This is the first newsletter test...... below. More updates through the weekend on the site, and Monday for the Core Rules. Of course they will most likely go up on the Genesys site before being announced here, if you are really anxious to get your race onto the tabletop.

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In the 09/03/2016 edition:

Introducing the Fey

By Natfka on Sep 03, 2016 02:03 am

The Fey are Immortal and not of this world. They exist outside of reality, originating from beyond the Ethereal. Theirs’s is a realm of magic, light and darkness, primordial and refined. For the Fey, Good and Evil are tangible and pure. Their eternal conflict and strife has brought the Fey to the Genesys Worlds.

For the other domains, they Fey are mysterious entities either guiding the mortal races, or are full of contempt, appearing as Angels or Demons, primal entities, and ghosts.

Interaction with the Fey is difficult, and attempts from the Fey often appear as omens and prophecies. The Fey communicate by other means, their words sounding like beautiful sirens, demonic tongues, or the sounds of the wind and fire. Their language is incompressible to mortals. To themselves, each word draws forth images to those that hear, perfectly relaying the intent and purpose of their words.

For the Fey, the magic of the ether is but an impulse, able to be controlled and altered within their focus.

The races of the Fey include many different variations, but include the Celestial, Infernal, Primal, Ethereal, Possessed, and Undead.

The mortal races, ever jealous of the Fey’s Immortality and power, sometimes seek hidden and forbidden knowledge. Those that succeed, often become vassals of possession, or worse, destroy themselves in the process achieving Lichdom or being cursed with vampirism. These few have joined the Fey, forever to be separated from their mortal origins.

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