Yesterday I asked the readers here of what they thought of this magazine, and everyone was rather excited about it. So I had to check it out myself.

The Golden D6

If you missed yesterdays introduction, don't worry, here is a quick recap


The Golden D6 is an online hobby magazine devoted to all things hobby, not just the big games, but the other ones too!
In our first big experiment, it's the all tutorial issue. We've plumbed the depths of the internet to bring you eleven inspiring tutorials!
The Issue contains:

My first take on the magazine.
First off, thank you Adam, this is a great magazine, and I believe it to be a great asset for our overall community.

I spent some time last night reading through this magazine. I tend to skim right to things that catch my eye, so lets do that in no particular order.

The first one that jumped out at me is the Enhanced Miniature photography. I love these kinds of images, putting them right into the realm of Forgeworld Model pics with battlefield backdrops.

In the Enhanced Miniature Photography article several programs are listed, so while the author does his work in photoshop, other programs including free ones are mentioned. The tutorial has great step by step instructions on how to create images like this for your models.

Now this tutorial unlike the others in the magazine is broken into two parts.
The Golden D6 says, “Krautscientist has really gone all out on this article to the point that we’ve got to split it across two issues!

In Issue 6, the focus is getting everything you need, from the picture, backdrop, and program. Then doing some basic adjustments to match the miniature picture to the background, while the second part will include special effects. Before you think this is just a ploy to get you to the next issue, Part 1 is a full 9 pages long.

Next up, because I know you all want to hear about it..... Toilet Paper Terrain.

This is rather cool, as its a toilet papier-mâché project. This tutorial gives you some very time saving, and money saving techniques that could easily produce a large amount of terrain in a few nights of work. Check out this tree.

Other articles that stuck out to me, are the cheap shanty town terrain, which is a very inexpensive way to really cover a good amount of terrain. Quite literally you can get out the Shanty Town Tutorial along with your toilet paper forest, and have an entire board set up that will look good.

Painting Tutorials, Yep these are there as well, and the entire magazine is very well laid out in very professional hobbyists first layout. Unlike most magazines that I purchase, read, and then set aside to very rarely ever go back to, this issue of the Golden D6 is one I will keep on file for reference. (especially as I plan on getting an airbrush, and there is a tutorial in there on cleaning it and keeping it working well).

Issue 6 is 11 Tutorials by a variety of authors within 69 pages in an electronic format.I think it's one that if your like me, will go back to again and again in the future as new projects arise for my miniature gaming.

My suggestion to readers, is that it is well worth the few dollars it takes to check out an issue. If even that is holding you back, subscribe to their newsletter and get access to a free article.

This is a hobby magazine only, No articles selling you anything.

Your link to try them out.
The Golden D6

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