Previously if you wanted to use a GW game board to display your armies, you had to purchase an entire game board. Apparently soon you will be able to buy just single tiles from GW stores from both the Sector Imperialis and Shattered Dominion game boards. Also some great news for the Void Shield Generator.

Here is the latest

Also the price is not bad, if you breakdown the cost of a full board is $330 for Shattered Dominion and $363 for Sector Imperialis. Although we don't know if it is a specific tile only. If you can buy more than one, this would be a great a way build a new 4x4 table. Of course I am looking at that Sector Imperialis tiles.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
soon you can buy individual tiles from the Sector Imperialis and Shattered Dominion Realm of Battle game boards. The cost will be £35 and $58 USD,

this is so you dont need to buy an entire gameboard to make a display board for your army

also just so you know, the Void Shield Generator is plastic and will be a range item. £60, $100USD

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