There is a lot of images out now for Traitor's Hate, showing the psychic powers, wargear and more. Need to catch up with the latest leaks, here is where you can find them.

via Games Workshop Facebook

Earlier, we showed you a piece of artwork from Traitor’s Hate where Khârn battles a Death Company Chaplain of the Blood Angels. Half of that image, as you know, is the cover of Traitor’s Hate.
We can now let you know that the other half is the cover of it’s opposite, Angel’s Blade, which tells the tale of the same brutal opening battles of the 13th Black Crusade, but from the Imperial perspective.
Like Traitor’s Hate, there are lots of new rules in there, but this time for the sons of Sanguinius, including Formations, Detachments, Vehicle Squadrons, updated Datasheets and some particularly cool rules for Death Company fans…

Leaked Images
Psychic Powers via Lady Atia

via Scanner for Wargear, Tactical Objectives, Renegade Knight
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