Today it's all about the gear for Eternal Crusade. As normal their weekly updates on twitch start in a in a few hours! 11am pst, 2pm est

Into the WARP! – It's All About the Gear!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – September 9th, 2016 –
Today, September 9th at 2pm EST (11 am PST), Behaviour Interactive will be hosting their weekly broadcast on all things Eternal Crusade: Into the WARP!

Battling on the fields of the 41st Millennium has to come with some type of reward. Sure, we all want to serve the Emperor, the Chaos Gods, or our Ork Boss, but let's be honest the loot is worth the fight!

In this week's episode we will discuss Reward Boxes which is an essential part of how your character progresses.

We will also be taking a look at the world map to give you a sense of where you are fighting.

Lastly, weapon bases are critical and so we'll go through them with you and get you ready for the next fight.

We will always have questions and prizes for our viewers tune in and we'll see you this afternoon!

Join us for the WARP today!!
LINK to Twitch Channel:

Live at 2pm EST, 11 am PST!

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