Of course the supplement technically has not been released yet.... until the weekend, however, we already know the Vendetta is not listed in there except in the background. To that end, a lot of us (myself included) have a Vendetta or three and are really waiting to see the fate of this gunship.

Thanks to a reader for sending in Forgeworld's response to this.

via Forgeworld
Thanks for the email, Currently we do not know what is to happen with our range of flyers regarding the new Death from the Skies supplement, We have compiled a list of email and address's and names that have asked similar questions and we will be forwarding those on to our studio and writers at the end of the week once the book has been released.

I am sure our design team will review all of the questions and issue official rules or FAQ's once they are ready. As far as memory recalls we didn't issue any FAQ's with the previous edition of death from the skies.

For now we suggest that gamers design their own house ruling or use similar stats from models of the like till any official rules are issued.

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